The Maths Apprenticeship


The intriguing tasks in Maths Outside The Box allow children in KS2 to explore mathematical ideas in real depth. The 15 tasks, set in varied contexts, challenge children to apply their understanding of mathematics in a range of non-standard ways.

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Designed by Y6 teacher and Maths Consultant Gareth Metcalfe, The Maths Apprenticeship is a unique, USB–based resource aimed at engaging and stretching L5/6 mathematicians is Key Stages 2 and 3.

  • A chance to experience maths in exciting, wide-ranging contexts
  • Perfect for exploring extended, complex mathematical challenges
  • Children given a genuine, real-world experience of mathematics: opportunity to apply mathematical knowledge and skills, making maths meaningful!
  • Draws on a range of curriculum skills and inter-personal competences (develops ‘whole child’)
  • Modern, chic, eco-friendly design
  • Range of certificates to reward and recognise personal achievements

The Mathematics Apprenticeship will excite, challenge and inspire your L5/6 mathematicians.

Eleven tasks, each set in different real-world contexts, provide a wide range of mathematical challenges. The participants will work together, using and developing their organisational, academic and social skills to respond to the unique demands of each task.

In doing so they will be able to see the relevance of mathematics in the modern world, whilst creating memories that will last a lifetime!


ADVENTURE PARK – manage a multi-million pound budget to design and organise activities on a tourist hotspot.

BBC- find out what people want to watch and what they don’t!

CLASSROOM DESIGN – Martonmill Manor Primary School needs a new classroom. Can your design company help?

EDUCATION RESEARCH – Can you use your skills to educate – develop an exciting maths challenge for your classmates.

FOOTBALL – Get to grips with the world of football statistics like the professionals at OPTA. What makes a successful team?

FRUIT – Oh no, he has no bananas! Market stallholder Alex needs help to keep his family business running

GADGET – Show your tech-know-how to suggest “on the money” ideas for a gadget store.

GARDEN – A hard-working couple needs help turning a wasteland into a garden, but they have a limited budget.

MI5 – Top secret work to keep MI5 secure.

RESEARCH – Investigate children’s’ attitudes to maths in the primary school. You may be surprised at what you discover!

SANDWICH – K-fest needs feeding, you’re in charge.

Praise from OFSTED

Each pupil USB stick costs £10* and The Maths Apprenticeship Teachers’ User Guide (which includes free-to-print certificates) is also £10**.

*Gareth suggests 1 USB stick per group of between 2-4 pupils, or per individual child if you prefer.  All work is completed and saved onto the USB’s, no printing required!

**Only one User Guide required per class.

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