Developing Writing Through Comics


Teaching Outstanding Persuasive Writing is a must-have for the busy teacher, packed full of tried-and-tested effective strategies for teaching persuasive texts. The book contains a wealth of brand-new ideas, guaranteed to enrich both teachers’ and pupils’ understanding of persuasive writing!

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Developing Writing Through Comics, the culmination of four years of development and classroom trials, is the go-to guide for integrating the exciting medium of comics into Literacy teaching.

Mathew Sullivan’s book is packed with practical, engaging ideas based on comics, comic characters and comic-based resources, spanning six key areas of Literacy:

1. Engaging reluctant readers and improving comprehension
2. Developing meaningful story planning and sequencing
3. Creating rounded, captivating characters who act, interact and react realistically
4. Improving locational writing and introducing advanced descriptive techniques
5. Expanding vocabulary and teaching spelling, punctuation and grammar in context as tools of effective writing
6. Extending gifted and talented pupils and providing opportunities for cross-curricular learning.

Developing Writing Through Comics will show how comics can be used to motivate reluctant pupils, extend middle ability learners, and support more able pupils in accessing higher-level writing and thinking skills. It will also prove that, as a teacher, you don’t need to be a comic geek to use comics in your classroom!

All the ideas contained in this book are tried and tested by an outstanding, full-time practitioner in a variety of schools and across a range of age groups, as well as being used by teachers across the country.

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