50+ iPad Lessons for Exciting Sentences – Digital Edition


’50+ iPad Lessons for Exciting Sentences (Used)’ provides busy teachers with a broad range of ideas for developing vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation.

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50+ iPad Lessons for Exciting Sentences – Digital Edition provides busy teachers with a broad range of ideas for developing vocabulary, sentence structure and appropriate punctuation. This book offers a ‘way forward’ for teachers, and whole schools, seeking ways to develop grammar in an engaging manner. The activities included in this book encourage the integrated use of technology in the context of literacy. Alan and Lee explain clearly how to carry out each activity and share examples of children’s writing.

About the Authors

Alan Peat is a Fellow of both The Royal Society of Arts and The Historical Association.He is the director of Alan Peat Ltd, an international educational consultancy company with a reputation for practical, high-impact teacher training and the publishing company Creative Educational Press Ltd.

Lee Parkinson has worked as a Primary School teacher for 6 years specialising in ICT. He has a wealth of experience using technology to support and develop the whole Primary Curriculum.Lee has successfully deployed a class set of iPads across a whole primary school and worked alongside children from EYFS through to Year 6 discovering how iPads can enhance teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. Lee always puts learning first and is constantly looking for creative and innovative ways in which technology, such as the iPad, can be utilised effectively to positively impact on writing & reading skills as well as developing key numeracy skills. Lee has built a sound reputation as one of the leading advocates for ‘camouflage teaching’, encouraging reluctant writers using new, exciting and engaging methods. After a recent Ofsted inspection, his use of iPads within a Literacy observation was deemed “Outstanding with a phenomenal use of technology and an outstanding outcome to the lesson.”Alongside his expertise with iPads, Mr P also provides extensive training on how to use web based tools including blogging and considers the positive impact this can have in relation to the core skills of writing and reading.Lee has already supported many schools in using simple yet effective technology – from a real teacher with a wealth of practical ideas that really work!

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