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    The Gingerbread Man

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    The Gingerbread Man is a unique and innovative retelling of a traditional tale. The story is told from the viewpoints of the four main characters. It can be enjoyed and read in many different ways: you can follow one character’s story from page to page OR read all four stories at the same time simply by rotating the book. Four children can share the book and each read their own character’s part. The story can even be followed through the illustrations alone… with children creating their very own versions of the tale!

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  • iPad-Lessons-Non-fiction
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    50+ iPad Lessons for Teaching Non-fiction

    £18.99 2 out of 46

    50+ iPad Lessons for Teaching Non-fiction Writing provides teachers with a broad range of innovative ways to use apps in order to support pupils’ understanding of non-fiction genres. Raising writing standards is a key issue in many schools and the 50+ series of books by Lee and Alan help teachers to integrate ‘cutting edge’ technology and literacy.

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  • comics
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    Developing Writing Through Comics – Contents
    Developing Writing Through Comics – Introduction
    Developing Writing Through Comics – Introduction 2
    Developing Writing Through Comics – Chapter 2.1
    Developing Writing Through Comics – Chapter 5.1

    Developing Writing Through Comics

    £19.99 3 out of 46

    Teaching Outstanding Persuasive Writing is a must-have for the busy teacher, packed full of tried-and-tested effective strategies for teaching persuasive texts. The book contains a wealth of brand-new ideas, guaranteed to enrich both teachers’ and pupils’ understanding of persuasive writing!

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  • ghost-stories

    Writing Exciting Ghost Stories (9+): Ghost Story Plot Skeletons

    £15.00 4 out of 46
    Writing Exciting Ghost Stories provides teachers with 25 stunningly illustrated plot outlines, which can be used to inspire children to produce enjoyable , effective narrative writing.
    A range of Plot Skeletons is provided, from simple through to more complex, and each skeleton is complemented by an innovative writing prompt symbol key. The latter has been shown to be effective in trial runs effected in a number of schools and has helped pupils to write their own excellent examples of this ever popular genre.
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